In 1996, AMEG (Mexican Beef Feedlotters Association) was founded by Beef producers.

AMEG´s associates are established primarily in northern and central Mexico.

In 2007, AMEG founded Mexican Beef Exporters Association (Mexican Beef), a non profit association comprised of Mexican companies focused on beef exports.

Mexican Beef´s main goal is to promote, increase, and enable exports of Mexican beef with the best attributes of flavor, safety, hygiene and health standards.

Mexican Beef targets the specific needs of international markets by working directly with domestic and foreign governments. We aim to increase the exports of beef, with the development of new channels of commerce, while portraying Mexico as a dynamic and innovative country, with excellent service, opportunity, and timing.

Mexican Beef is comprised of 15 Mexican companies certified to export to various countries, mainly USA, Russia, Japan and South Korea.

Since 2007 Mexican Beef has participated in World wide Food Shows, Trade fairs, and business to business activities.



Mexican Beef utilizes a feedlot system, based on diets monitored by nutritionists that specialize in animal feeding.

We use grains that provide a special flavor to the beef, guaranteeing that great Mexican Beef flavor.


The production process is guaranteed by the highest standards of quality in operation and hygiene.

Veterinarians from each country we export to endorse the Mexican meat quality.


According to World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Mexican Authority:

Mexico has never had any cases of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or “Mad Cow Disease”.

Mexico also never had any cases of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).


In 1996 Beef Producers founded AMEG (Mexican Beef Feedlotters Association). Their associations are established primarily in Northern and Central Mexico.

In 2007 AMEG founded Mexican Beef Exporters Association (referred to as Mexican Beef), a non-profit association comprised of Mexican companies focused on beef exports.


Mexican Beef takes pride in keeping green with our practices ensuring maximum recycling and use of all our products. We strive at managing food and water waste, and manure/fertilizer. We are continually exploring new and proficient methods to keep our facilities green and efficiently recycling our resources.


Some of our facilities have already started harnessing the process of using bio digestion or anaerobic digestion. With this procedure biodegradable material from our plants can be broken down and converted into methane and carbon dioxide. This is a vast source of renewable energy we have accessed and use in our facilities.


We are currently working with new technologies in order to eliminate microorganism levels within discharged water from processing plants.


At our feedlots manure is thoroughly gathered and used to create compost and organic fertilizer. This contributes to the reduction of soil, water and air contamination and decreasing the use of chemical fertilizers and methods on cultivated crops.



Many of our facilities have different processes in feeding the cattle that utilizes their surroundings to ensure the best quality product around. Mexican Beef utilizes a feedlot system, based on diets monitored by nutritionists that specialize in animal feeding. We are always striving to find the most efficient ways to create an optimal environment for the cattle. After this stage many go into Feedlots where most regularly mix supplies that will create a better product in not only color but also taste. Each facility has a range of experts who carefully facilitates the process to deliver exceptional meat.


There are a variety of different techniques to our companies slaughtering process but all ensure the highest hygienic method. Using the newest technology in most of our buildings we follow a stringent process in handling and packaging our meats to achieve this. Some facilities take advantage of having the feedlots next door creating a stress free environment for the cattle. This is shown in the quality and tenderness of the meat.